Nov 25, 2022 • 59M

A Man Named T-Bone (with Peter DeWolf)

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Simone Paget
Welcome to We’re Never Doing This Again: a podcast about sex, dating, and all of those weird & wonderful messy experiences that we have no desire to repeat. Hosted by real-life sex columnist, Simone Paget.
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Small towns make you do crazy things! In this episode, Simone is joined by Peter DeWolf to discuss the peaks and perils (okay, mostly perils) of dating in a small town. Simone shares a story about a man with an unhealthy (?) interest in the Food Network and the time she went on a date with a real-life Mr. Dress Up. Simone and Peter also discuss erotic audio stories, the romantic viability of anyone who wears wrap-around sunglasses, how to avoid dating your cousin, and whether re-runs of the West Wing are the key to true love. The pair closes out the show with a rousing game of F*ck, Marry, Kill which begs the question: is Guy Fieri the ultimate libido killer? 

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