Dec 8, 2022 • 1HR 26M

A Romantic Hit and Run (with Valorie Clark)

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Simone Paget
Welcome to We’re Never Doing This Again: a podcast about sex, dating, and all of those weird & wonderful messy experiences that we have no desire to repeat. Hosted by real-life sex columnist, Simone Paget.
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How does this even happen?! This week, Simone is joined by guest @valorie_clark to discuss a series of dating interactions that defy explanation. Simone and Valorie discuss navy blue 'guy sheets,' dating while sober, and an apartment so dirty, it's mindblowing. Also in this episode: a fly-by-night Romeo confesses his feelings and then flees the city and an ex sends a break-up package full of...mixed CDs? The pair wrap up the episode with a rousing game f*ck, m*rry, kill that begs the question, is a filthy home the secret to a good marriage? 

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