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Introducing Joybreak: The Podcast

Introducing Joybreak: The Podcast

Because we could all use more joy ☀️

Despite my love for all things pumpkin-flavored, I've always struggled with the transition from summer to fall. I'm a summer baby. When the leaves start to fall from the trees and the Spooky SZN memes hit social media, it's like every cell in my body revolts and screams, “No, no, no, no, make it stop!” (For the record, I strongly identify as whatever the opposite of this is.)

Fall is when I really have to lean into my gratitude practices in order to not let my seasonal depression (and my Original Recipe Depression™️) get the best of me. I have a lot to be grateful for this September.

Today is my birthday (!!!) and I have plans to spend the day poolside with my sister before donning my finest disco cowgirl couture to go see Beyoncé (!!!).

(Last night I also discovered a new Mexican sports bar in Vancouver that serves the best Tacos Gobernador that I’ve had this side of the border —more on that later!))

I figured, what better day to launch a new, fun project?

A few months ago, my dear friend Amber Adrian and I decided to take our epic voice notes that we exchange on a weekly basis and turn them into a podcast — and the first episode is finally ready.

Meet Joybreak, a short & sweet podcast where we celebrate the stuff that’s making us happy and lovingly break up with the stuff that no longer serves us. We’re both writers so you’ll also get insight into our creative process, thoughts on relationships & more!

You can listen by pressing play at the top of this email, by downloading the Substack app, or by adding the following RSS feed to your favorite podcast app:

(If you need assistance with this please hit reply!)

Right now the podcast is free for everyone but may move behind a paywall in the future. (Hint: add it to your podcast app now before it does!)

I hope you enjoy listening to the episode as much as we did making it.

Love, Peace, and Tacos,


Love, Peace & Tacos
The Joycast
A podcast where we share what's bringing us joy and lovingly break-up with the things that no longer serve us. Hosted by Amber Adrian and Simone Paget, two writers making sense of it all.
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