Jan 26 • 55M

We're All Strangers Until We Meet (with Treena Orchard)

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Simone Paget
Welcome to We’re Never Doing This Again: a podcast about sex, dating, and all of those weird & wonderful messy experiences that we have no desire to repeat. Hosted by real-life sex columnist, Simone Paget.
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Oh, the fart of it all! This episode, Simone is joined by Treena Orchard, a writer, professor and all-around dating app scholar (Simone's words, not Treena's!) Simone and Treena discuss what it was like dating in a time before dating apps, the inherent issues with online dating and how we can date & mate better. Treena discusses a date with a flatulent suitor. Is poor footwear a dealbreaker? What about socks with sandals? OR JORTS? We think yes! Simone shares a play-by-play of several dates, including a penniless weirdo with a dead guinea pig and a sartorially challenged alcoholic. The episode wraps up with a rapid fire game of F*ck, Marry, Kill: Degrassi High, Original Recipe Edition.

Got a crazy dating story? A wild breakup tale? Something else you'd like to get off your chest? Email: neveragainpod@gmail.com to be featured on the show. 

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