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Welcome to Love, Peace, and Tacos, a magical corner of the internet where the vibes are good, the conversations are honest, and the guacamole is free-flowing.

Here you’ll find bi-weekly dispatches about things I’m currently learning and loving, served up fresh with a side of birria con queso.

I'm a nationally syndicated sex columnist with the Toronto Sun and host of the podcast, We're Never Doing This Again. As a seasoned lifestyle, food, and travel writer, my words and photography have appeared in Apartment Therapy, Insider, The Knot, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and more. Love, Peace, and Tacos was born from a desire to bring together my personal writing on love, sex, and self-discovery with my obsession for all things food, travel & lifestyle related.

I’m particularly obsessed with the idea of personal rebirth through trauma, owning your desires, and embracing the pleasures that allow us to feel like our most authentic selves. And tacos. Always tacos.

I hope you join me as I explore what feels good and what I’m ready to let go of.

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Living out loud with a side of birria con queso 💓✌️🌮


Writer. Toronto Sun columnist ✍: relationships, sex, travel & food. As seen on @AptTherapy @ElleCanada @newyorktimes @TheKnot @Vice @washingtonpost & more👇👇