So much this! I can never figure out if we were just spoiled in TO or if Victoria's restaurants really do suck. Our only dependably good meal out these days is Big Wheel. Although I do trust Zambri's for a fancier affair. :-

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I often wonder that too. Although, I feel like restaurants here were way better when I first moved back (10+ years ago) even though there were less options. I love Big Wheel too! While I have only eaten at Zambris a couple of times, my meals were always excellent.

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I also have a memory that pre-TO, restaurants here were pretty good.

Like you we had a bad enough experience a few years ago at Pag's we'll never go back. And many, many mediocre meals. I love your list—some new stuff to try.

Have you eaten at Nohra Thai on Estevan? Another good one.

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